Friday, May 19, 2017

Isn't It About Time?

It's about time for another update that is. Considering how long it's been since I've written something here (Almost 4 months! 😲) I figured I'd better take the rest of today and play catch-up again.

Part of the reason I have been so slow to update is I am busy cramming in all the writing I can do. Writing takes time, blogging takes similar time. People don't buy my blog posts, so when I have to make a choice between the two, I choose my fiction. That's what keeps me published and out of mischief. 😼

When I last left a post here, my house was under renovation, I was babysitting the youngest grandkids two days a week, and waiting for an entire slew of medical tests and a couple surgeries. Well the renovation goes on, the tests are over for now, and I've gotten through as much medical hoo-hah as possible. First I had to find out what was going on with my thyroid, and as it turned out, I have a crop of almost symptomless benign growths that can wait a while before we decide what the next step will be. That was a great relief because at the same time all that was going on, I also found out I had to have eye surgery. 😎

I was able to get both eyes operated on over the last few weeks, and I now have no cataracts, almost 20/20 vision, and I can get by with just the help of over-the-counter reading glasses. Wonderful stuff that is! 👀👍 We're still waiting to see if the I-stents that were implanted in each eye to help relieve the pressure that causes my glaucoma were successful, and unfortunately so far the results have been somewhat disappointing. I am back on all four medications that I was taking in three drops once or twice daily, and while it's come down a little, that's not enough for any of us to get comfortable with. I just happen to have a stubborn case. 😞

Now because of the period during eye surgery where I can't bend or lift things in fear of messing with the healing, I have not been babysitting for over a month. Thankfully the small fry have other loving family members willing to fill my two days a week. A lot of the healing period I had restrictions on what I could do and how, but none on using the computer, so I was able to write. I've been pounding the keyboard as often as I can, getting projects done that I started last year. 

As of today, I finally finished the second Vagabond Bards tale. This one started out as a short story for another anthology, but like a zucchini in a July garden, it just kept growing until it became a brand new novel. It has no set title yet, I'll probably get that inspiration when I make a very severe second pass, because it rambles and it's waaaaay over-budget on words. But it concerns the Archon or leader of the Vagabond Bards, Siska of Voruta, who is called forth by a dear old friend who is now a monk and has sort of a murder mystery on his hands. I love the fact that both of the main characters are older adults because you don't see too many gray hairs and wrinkles on classic action adventure characters, and I think that's a shame. Also there is a nod in here to the perils of PTSD with another character who has chosen to self-medicate to make the horrors stop. Fun writing, and it makes me feel good to have gotten all that stuff across in one story. I've been working on this one since the end of last July, so it was overdue to be completed, although this is just a first draft. This one will be going to my Pro Se Imprint HANSEN'S WAY when I'm satisfied I've done all I can with it. 

On the back burner while I finished the aforementioned novel is the fourth book in the Jezebel Johnston pirate series, subtitled MOURNING STAR. Yes, the spelling is correct. I started this one back in early February and it really took off in my head, which is why the bard book took a backseat for a good part of this year so far. I had to force myself to set Jez and her fascinating world aside to finish that earlier novel. Now I can go back out to sea with her and her pirate friends for a while. That gives me the time that need to get the bard book out of my head because when I do make the next pass, I will see it with fresh eyes.

I am about half done with this latest tale of seafaring adventures, which will take dear Jez through some big changes in her life, and to places she never imagined being able to see. Of course, there is always a price to be paid for such freedom, often in the people you lose and the dreams you have to give up. I hope to have this one done and turned into Airship 27 sometime this fall.

And now with some freedom to look for a new project to trade off with, I'm giving some consideration to putting together a Waxy Dragon Anthology for the COMPANION DRAGONS TALES which are part of Pro Se's YOUNG PULP imprint. Roger Stegman and I have co-authored a bunch of Waxy stories over the years, and he has some standalone short tales that would work just great in a multi-story setting. 

If CDT has a release this year, the Lazlo Dragon antho that I turned in previously would be it. We had hoped to have Lee Houston Jr.'s Kiri dragon tale, but he's kind of bogged down in other deadline pieces, so I volunteered to come up with something else for a potential 2018 release. I'll have more about all that on my sister blog, COMPANION DRAGONS TALES, as it develops.

Now, as for what you may have missed...

JEZEBEL JOHNSTON: QUEEN OF ANARCHY came out February 8th of this year from Airhship 27. Yes, it exists in both paperback and Kindle copies. This is the second book in the Jezebel Johnston series, and it sports not only more wonderful interior illustrations by the uber-talented Rob Davis, but he did the cover art as well. 💖👩 Typical of the series, this is a straightforward historical fiction piece without all the supernatural fantasy stuff you usually see in my writing. 

Oh and I have heard through the grapevine that the third book in the series, subtitled SEA WITCH, is moving very rapidly toward potential publication later this year. 😸 Ron Fortier and Rob Davis of Airship 27 have shown a lot of support for the Jezebel Johnston series, which I thank them greatly for, because that's what gets my butt in the chair and my fingers on that keyboard most days.

Speaking of Airship 27, Ron and Rob had a recent ZONE 4 podcast in which they tagged me in a list of things coming up. Some kind words were said both about the Jezebel Johnston series and my recent eye surgeries. What was really exciting to me though was listening to the fellas talking about all the fun they have been having at conventions (I'll get back to doing them when we can afford it, I promise!) and especially when Air Chief Ron Fortier talked about his Brother Bones comic character, which is in the process of being made into a movie. That folks is a writer's dream come true! I hope you will listen to the entire podcast because there's a lot of good things to hear about besides what's going on with my stuff. 😉

And there you have it, my quarterly update! 🙌 As always the writing goes on, but these days it's coming from my PC's new location, in my bedroom. Finally, after nearly 6 years in this old farmhouse, I have a quiet place where I can go, shut the door on the background noise, and tune into all those insane ideas running through my head. Hey... it keeps me off the streets and out of the bughouse! 😜

It could be worse you know. I might have married into your family!👰

Write on,