Saturday, August 30, 2014


I have been so busy writing, baby sitting, and putting up vegetables for the winter, I've neglected to update for a while. Well tonight, I have some time to play catch-up, so here goes.

First of all, I have a special announcement! For just this weekend alone, Pro Se Press, which is one of my publishers, is having an E-book sale! Twenty of their best selling books, including two of mine, will be only 99¢ on for the Kindle. This is a time limited offer, so you don't want to miss out! Details below... 

For Immediate Release-

Pro Se Productions, a leading Publisher of New Pulp and Genre Fiction, announces its first PRO SE PRESENTS: THE SALE! From August 29 through September 1st, 2014, select digital titles, regularly prices $2.99, will only be 99 Cents at!

Read the best Authors in Genre Fiction! Explore Action, Mystery, Horror, and more in a variety of stories that only Pro Se Productions can provide! 20 novels and/or anthologies, every one less than a dollar!

Thrill to the following Pro Se Titles-

A Week In Hell by J. Walt Layne -

Badge of Lies by Jason Kahn-

Ravencroft Springs by Logan L. Masterson -

Vionna and the Vampires by Chuck Miller -

The Bone Queen by Andrea Judy -

City of Smoke and Mirrors by Nick Piers -

Companion Dragons Tales : A Familiar Name by Nancy A. Hansen-

Dramatis Personae: Public Domain by Joseph Lamere-

Fortune's Pawn by Nancy A. Hansen-

Just the Facts: True Tales of Cops and Criminals by Jim Doherty-

Monster Aces by Various -

Project Alpha by Lee Houston, Jr. -

Rabbit Heart by Barry Reese -

Savage Noir by Greg Norgaard-

Sensible Redhorn by Tim Holter Bruckner-

Snatched! A Kate and Craig Suspense Story by Charles Boeckman-

The Adventures of Peabody Rich by Donna Smith -

The Bishop of Port Victoria by D. Alan Lewis-

The New Adventures of Jim Anthony, Super Detective: The Death’s Head Cloud by Joshua Reynolds-

Young Dillon in the Halls of Shamballah by Derrick Ferguson-

The Best in Heroic Fiction can be Yours for 99 cents each through September 1, 2014. Pro Se Presents: The Sale!

Advertisements created by Logan L. Masterson

Next I've got to update you about my current releases. Both are from Pro Se, and are multi-author anthologies that I have a story in. 

The first one was an anthology called TALL PULP, which was released back in late July (I told you I was behind). 

My story in this volume combines a legendary Connecticut/New York vagabond called The Leatherman with an adventure involving a freedman in trouble for doing the right thing at the wrong time. It's set during the era of slave hunters and the Underground Railroad. Lots of goodies in here to read,  so you don't want to miss it! 

Tall Tales. Stories of larger than life characters, heroes who stand above everyone else and perform great feats. From digging the Grand Canyon to reversing the flow of the Mississippi River itself, there are figures woven into American history and lore that seem ready made for the classic Pulp magazines of yesteryear! Now, todays best and brightest writers of Genre Fiction take those classic legends and shine a new light on them. Pro Se Productions proudly presents TALL PULP. Thrill as characters like Jim Bowie, Joe Magarac, Anne Bonny, and Mike Fink come to life in two fisted action adventure tales! Learn of the mysterious Leatherman and thrill to his wild adventures! And discover a whole new take on the concept of Paul Bunyan! Authors D. Alan Lewis, Gordon Dymowski, Nancy A. Hansen, Phillip Drayer Duncan, David White, and Greg Daniel take characters, both historic and fictional, and give them a treatment like no other. TALL PULP from Pro Se Productions

My latest release is a story in the Pro Se Press anthology THE NEW ADVENTURES OF THE WHIRLWIND. This was another of Pro Se's 'PULP OBSCURA' compilations, which take a well known classic pulp writer's characters and puts them in brand new stories by today's authors. This is the second story I've done with a western twist; in this case Old Spanish California is the setting, and the tales are reminiscent of Johnston McCulley's most beloved character, Zorro. This is El Torbellino—not Zorro, but you will thrill just as much to his adventures. Another story that was a lot of fun to write as well as a challenge to capture the original author's flavor. 

Johnston McCulley, the author responsible for Zorro, also created the mysterious avenger known as The Whirlwind. A young man leaves behind a life of wealth and privilege in Spain and journeys to california. He builds a new life with a new name, Pedro Garzos. As he settles into his new home, the man known as Pedro discovers tyrant, bandits, and other dangers that threaten the weak and powerless! Rising to the challenge, he assumes one last alias and dons the mask of El Torbellino- The Whirlwind! 

The Whirlwind now returns and continues his crusade for justice! 

From out of the past comes new tales of the Wily Whirlwind! Pro Se Productions in conjunction with Altus Press presents a new volume in its Pulp Obscura line! 

Bringing adventures and heroes lost in yesterday blazing to life in New Pulp Tales Today! Exciting new stories of blazing justice and heroic adventure from Teel James Glenn, Nancy A. Hansen, and Allan Gilbreath! 

Join the Whirlwind as he takes on new adventures with his friends, Juanita Lazaga, daughter of Carlos the innkeeper, and Friar Marcos, as they fight for the people of Old California! 

Pulp Obscura Proudly Presents The New Adventures of the Whirlwind!

Just a reminder that most, if not all of my Pro Se books are available on as both paperback and Kindle, Barnes & Noble online as both paperback and Nook, and Smashwords in just about any E-format you can imagine.

Oh and while we're speaking of Pro Se, keep an eye on this blog's sister site, COMPANION DRAGONS TALES. I should have some kind of announcement coming up shortly. I'll have some interesting news to share there too. 

With this year's release of BETRAYAL ON MONSTER EARTH, which I unfortunately don't have a story in (I'll be back folks!) the Mechanoid Press crew and alumni were interviewed about just why it is we love writing stories with big stomping monsters in them. The interview just went up, and you can read it here

These books are a whole lot of fun to read, so you might want to check them out. I do have a story in the first one. Look for MONSTER EARTH on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Not too long ago received one of the most wonderful compliments a writer can ever expect. One of my publishers is Airship 27, and they were set up at a recent convention, one that the company has attended for multiple years. A regular customer came by and bought several books from their display, and then asked if they had anything by me! By name even! Fortunately, I had written one short story for a Sinbad anthology I was invited into, and they happened to have a copy on display. 
Available on the AS 27 site, through Amazon and B&N
That sold immediately, because the buyer was familiar with my Pro Se work. Which just goes to show you that the more writing you put out there, the better off you are. Not only did that make my day, but I was kindly asked by Ron Fortier of AS 27 to please write more for them. You bet I will!

These are the things that keep you going, when the words don't come, the time to write is scarce, and things just go haywire. We all have days of doubt and frustration. What gets my butt in the chair and my fingers tapping keys is thinking about the next story I'm going to write. What keeps me there is the feedback. That's how I know I'm being read. So talk to me folks; what is it that you like to read? You must be here for a reason, because this blog does get hits regularly.

I know you're out there, I can hear you breathing!
Till next time,