Tuesday, February 18, 2014

From My Keyboard To Your Ears...

All the writing news you've been dying to hear about, everything I've been up to this past month...

First off, I not only finished the first Sudarnian Chronicles novel I was working on, but it got an initial edit, lots of passes, and has been turned in. Since FORGED BY FLAME is not the final sequel to the trilogy that began with FORTUNE'S PAWN and continued in PROPHECY'S GAMBIT I've asked the publisher that it be held until I have turned in MASTER'S ENDGAME which is now in initial editing and will require one more pass by Your's Truly. This is to be sure I have a slot for MASTER'S ENDGAME this year. I know a lot of you are waiting for that, it's probably the single most asked question I get. Yeah folks, Callie's baby is coming at last!

I'm hoping to see THE WINDRIDERS OF EVERICE published pretty soon. Everything is pretty much done on that one, it's just awaiting its turn on the runway. If you like you air battles fantasy style, you're going to love this anthology. Two words: FLYING HORSES

Just got the news today that the second book in the Companion Dragons Tales, FINDING WAXY is now also headed for completion. I was asked to provide some pertinent material. There's a more in-depth write up on it over on the CDT blog. Work has gone on with COPPER'S CHOICE as well, and that is also in the editing queue. Can't get enough of those dragons!

That's three book length projects finished and it's only February. Of course the writing on all of them started last year, but it's still a great feeling.

Now that two of the bigger projects for the year have neared completion, I've been working on a joint short story with longtime writing pal, Mr. Lee Houston Jr. We always enjoy working together, and this time we were invited to share the byline. We should be finishing the rough draft within a couple days now. I can't give you any details except to say this is for an established anthology and we're delighted to be involved. The idea was Lee's but what we've created together is a real corker of a tale. 

Ah, but I never rest on my laurels too long...

A while ago I had an idea for a novel set in a brand new sub-genre of the action adventure books I love to write. Not a new concept in the business, but a very new kind of writing for me. Which means of course, a ton of research is involved. Well, since my writing dance card is clear, on the 7th of this month (February 2014) I set out to get some ideas on paper. I wound up writing a detailed 3 book series plan with room for additional books, and that has captured some serious attention from everyone I've approached. I am currently about to close the first chapter. I cannot divulge what this book is about but once it's done, it's as good as sold. I'll give you more info when I can... 

Once the newest book is written and turned over, the rest of the year will be spent catching up on next year's offerings, as well as whatever else might come up. I am at the point where I get buttonholed to become involved with other projects quite regularly. I'm careful what I say yes to, keeping in mind time constraints and things I like to do that get me away from the keyboard. I definitely do still want to stick a toe in the waters of self publishing and see how that works out.

Winter is a great time to write; we've had a lot of snow this month, and almost everyone around me is fretting. We've had back to back storms lately. Not having to go out on a daily basis, I can sit here and concentrate on getting work done. It's a great sense of accomplishment, every time I write THE END or email another submission out, and cross it off my working list. 

So stay tuned folks, there will be further updates here as things progress.